Clarifying A Declaration

I recently created a twitter profile and joined the vibrant and thriving cuckolding community on twitter.  As I was crafting my bio, I wrote the following sentence and decided it was crucial to include:

No onlyfans, no findomme, I lead my lifestyle authentically.

I have since wanted to clarify why I so clearly state that I don’t have an onlyfans and that I am not a findomme.  My thoughts on both matters are complex, and I don’t want anyone who sees my profile to begin making assumptions based on that sentence.  So I thought it might be beneficial to write a blog post detailing the reasons why I personally reject both financial dominance and onlyfans (paid content promoting).

As a disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing but respect for sex workers and the profession of sex work.  I believe that sex workers should be given the same benefits and protections entitled to any other working citizen.  This post is not and should not be interpreted an attack on financial domination or paid content promoting.  That is not my intention at all, and I fully respect individual’s right to engage in one or both of these practices.  I am simply clarifying why I, personally, don’t engage in financial domination or paid content promoting.

To preface this discussion I wanted to highlight something I’ve been noticing in the online cuckolding community (the most prevalent community I am currently engaged in due to COVID). I’ve noticed that a great many members of the online community are engaging in cuckolding in novel ways.  I’m coming to realize that the way I express my lifestyle as a cuckoldress (My cuck and I are in a long term relationship, we were vanilla and evolved toward cuckolding over the course of our relationship) can almost be seen as “classic cuckolding.”  Now, it’s common to run across “cuckolds” who’s mistress may live hundreds of miles from him, but is his key holder and financial dominant.  It’s common to run across BBC bulls who are financial dominants to submissive white males.  It’s common to see “cuckold couples” build a brand new profile on fetlife, SLS, quiver, and of course twitter, and every single post in their history has a link to an onlyfans page and a sexy plug.  I’ve watched this trend and I have mostly experienced excitement and joy that the lifestyle I love and enjoy so greatly is gaining traction.  But a small part of me has wondered-what is the true motivation for some of these individuals?  That will likely be a topic for another blog post, but it is that small wonderment that has contributed greatly to the reason I do not engage in financial domination or paid content promoting.  

No findomme.  In all honesty, I don’t fully understand the world of financial domination.  As a cuckoldress, I have crafted and fostered my sexually dominant side with one specific man in mind, my cuck.  I dominate him both because we both enjoy it greatly and it enhances my confidence.  The domination tactics that I employ with my cuck are highly personal, and the immense trust in our relationship allows me to unleash my mentally sadistic tactics on my willing emotional masochist.  It’s a beautiful, complex interplay of humiliation, teasing, and denial. 

There’s no way I could replicate that for some guy who cash apps me $50.   It would feel cheap and hollow, and it would remove so much of the enjoyment I receive when I dominate my cuck.  So, for me, findomming is a no go.  I’m in this lifestyle to pursue pleasure and explore trust; and financial domination is, for me, a world apart from cuckolding.  That’s why I am so glad that Cuckoldress Venus has made a point to vocally proclaim #findommeisnotcuckolding.

No onlyfans.  I first heard of onlyfans about a year ago.  One evening after a long fucking session a bull I was seeing explained onlyfans to me and suggested I join.  I’ll admit that it was definitely a tempting proposition, especially because I have a fuck-load of sexy media and I absolutely love to share my pics/vids in the right circles.  I thought it over, discussed it with my cuck and a few other trusted cuck friends, and decided it wouldn’t be right for me.  I just couldn’t see myself plugging a link at the end of my tweets/posts, putting previews of longer content out there just to “hook” my following in.  It’s simply not what I want to bring to the cuckolding community.  

I understand that onlyfans brings some value to the cuckolding community, as many newbie cucks are finally able to see real cuckold couples in action instead of horribly produced, fake porn.  I am a huge fan of Cassie Bender and some of the other real-life cuckoldresses and hotwives that have made the leap into adult entertainment.  That’s simply not possible for me due to discretionary needs, so I believe paid content promotion is best left to the professionals.

I lead my lifestyle authentically.  My desire in sharing my experiences has always been to promote the legitimacy and validity of healthy cuckolding relationships.  I believe the best way to achieve this goal is simply to be my authentic self without feeling to need to perform or cater to an audience.  I appreciate everyone willing to follow me, converse with me, and share in my experience.  

Lastly, I want to share my gratitude and the abundance of respect I feel for Michael C. Of the Keys and Anklets podcast and Cuckoldress Venus of the Venus Cuckoldress podcast.  These titans in the lifestyle are using their platforms to promote the cuckolding lifestyle, and I was so grateful to find these valuable resources to aid in my cuck and I’s journey.  We need more authentic voices to join them in the promotion of the lifestyle, and that’s my aspiration.

I love how wonderfully unique everyone’s expression of cuckolding is.  If you’re a cuck couple with an onlyfans page, hats off to you.  If you’re a single cuck who has a findomme, thats perfectly fine if it brings you happiness.  I appreciate your willingness to hear my perspective and preferences.  






4 responses to “Clarifying A Declaration”

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  2. Bo Avatar

    IV been a ignored part of that community for a long time now
    Thrust me I understand why wannabes are ignored for every legit wannabes there’s 1000 fools there beating off
    The so it’s taken a lot of patience but i think iv. Reached a point where i ready to have a conversation with someone that will help lead me in the right direction


  3. Melissa Avatar

    Well written. I am a hotwife with a cuck in real life. And my life mirrors yours. I am not a pro, yet I am enjoying the hotwife life. Melissa

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    1. Cuckoldress Scarlet Avatar
      Cuckoldress Scarlet

      Mellissa, thank you for your thoughtful comment. It’s always wonderful to hear from a like-minded woman enjoying this lifestyle with the man they love. None of us are professionals-we are learning and growing alongside each other ☺️

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