Hell To Pay

When I was 19, I was brutally sexually assaulted while attending a music festival in a tiny town in Illinois. In the days and weeks that followed my rape, I felt like…

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The Wounded Bull

Perhaps when he was introduced to the lifestyle of women in cuckolding and hotwifing relationships with their committed partners he was enthralled and aroused.  Perhaps he felt as though he had discovered…

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The Year of The Slut

Followers of my twitter account will likely recall this tweet from approximately a year ago… I composed and sent it moments after I looked deeply into my fiance’s eyes and informed him…

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Cuckolding From Abundance

The perception of cuckolding relationships is wrought with myths, assumptions, and straight-up fallacies.  Many who seek to learn more about the reality of the dynamics within a cuckolding relationship and an interpretation…

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The Glass Slipper

I’m going to invite you to participate in a quick exercise.  Imagine for a moment that you are tasked with purchasing an item you didn’t know existed 24 hours prior to making…

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A Seat At The Table

I have never re-blogged a fellow writer’s post before but I consider the message in this writing to be extremely important. Everyone deserves a seat at the table. I will continue to…

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She’s Got A Dirty Mouth…

“I would commit crime for that cock!” I couldn’t help but enthusiastically exclaim how much I enjoyed the bull who had just finished fucking me so well.  As the words fell out…

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The Green-Eyed Monster

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a conversation about my journey as a cuckoldress for a respected podcast about the cuckolding/hotwifing lifestyles. The host, who has become a good friend,…

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Clarifying A Declaration

I recently created a twitter profile and joined the vibrant and thriving cuckolding community on twitter.  As I was crafting my bio, I wrote the following sentence and decided it was crucial…

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2 responses to “Home”

  1. Bo Avatar

    With there was more people like you in the lifestyle it’s not like the others that just talk about themselves

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Anthony North Avatar
    Anthony North

    I love your interviews on different podcasts. I think you’re right that hotwifing with bbc is at the “tip of the iceberg.” With more information put out there by you and others more wives can truly have it all. My girlfriend and I our in our 50’s but I’m hoping a Caribbean vacation down the road Will turn into a bbc experience.

    Liked by 1 person

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